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In The Rain of November

november rain, suzue miuchi, puisi hujan
Here I am standing on the ground
With the rain of November
and the rain in my mind
They're hiding tears of mine

I am alone like I used to be
I didn't think I needed someone beside me
All I had to do is doing all by myself
I could do it because I was strong enough

But I was wrong...
Even a super hero needs help

November Rain 2011, picture from Glass Mask by Suzue Miuchi



  1. Love your poem.:) I thought I can make it all alone too, but just like what you said, I was wrong too.:) Everybody needs somebody..:)

    Have a great day! :)

  2. Thanks, Rosalinda :) Glad to see you around here. You know, I tried to post in English so far and it's because of you :)

  3. as one of superheroes, i must admit and nod to this:
    {Even a super hero needs help}


    help.. ;_D

  4. pede tingkat tinggiiiii :D
    superhero yang mana nih,kang? batman? superman? spiderman? just whisper, it'll be a secret between us :))

  5. wkakakakak.. mending pede daripada bete khaaan?! :D :D :D

    saya mah pilih jadi... *mikir..

    poligami-man aja ahhhhhh!! **digampar mertua XDDD

  6. hmm *sila tangan di depan dada, naik alis sebelah dan bibir rapat




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